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1. What is the Raider X/MP17 compatible with?

The Raider X/MP17 are compatible with the Sig Sauer® M17/M18/P320™ series, full size, compact, X-five™, X-five™ Legion, VTAC, and Tac Ops™ versions. The Raider IS NOT compatible with the P320 XTEN or 45ACP versions of the P320. The Raider IS NOT compatible with suppressor height sights, we recommend changing the iron sights to standard height.

It works with 9mm Luger, .40S&W, and .357 Sig models.

The Raider DOES NOT WORK with any other pistol make or model than what is listed above. It will work with any 9mm P320 variants not listed above. We are working on Raiders for other makes and models but we do not have any information to share yet.

It WILL NOT work with M17/18 manual safety. You need to install a safety delete pin for the FCU to drop in.

Modifying the Raider chassis in any way (including but not limited to, optic mount chop or removing manual safety notches, coatings) may void the lifetime warranty.

2. Are pistol braces legal?

Pistol braces are legal but the ATF has made the rules vague and confusing. See:

While the current ATF pistol brace rule is a reality, there are many lawsuits challenging the pistol brace rule and have a very good chance of winning. So far three of the largest lawsuits have been granted a preliminary injunction which is providing relief to many pistol brace owners as well as offering hope for a positive outcome. So yes, pistol braces are legal but we recommend that you educated yourself with the ATF’s final ruling as what you do with your pistol is your responsibility. We do not offer any legal advice.

The Flux pistol brace is neither designed nor intended to be shouldered. Unlike a stock, the brace’s unusual thin shape is designed to curve around the users forearm and has no texture on the back for grip. We do offer stocks for those who are looking to SBR their pistol.

As a company, we do not offer legal advice. We are not responsible for any future legislation made regarding pistol braces.

It is your responsibility to know and comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

We do not ship to California, New York, Washington, Connecticut, or Massachusetts. We do not ship outside the United States.

3. Do you have a military or first responder discount?

Yes! We offer military and first responder discounts through Verify Pass. Please visit our discounts page to get your coupon code.

We do NOT do retroactive discounts. Make sure to have your code before checkout.

4. My M17 has a manual safety, how do I install the FCU into the Raider?

We recommend that you install the manual safety delete pin from Sig. This pin will allow you to convert your FCU to one without the manual safety.

Modifying the Raider to fit the manual safety levers voids the warranty.

We highly recommend you do not modify the chassis in any way.

5. Do aftermarket P320 magazines work with the Flux Raider?

Yes, many aftermarket magazines do feed but some may not drop free easily from the magwells.

Aftermarket magazines tolerances vary widely and can have a very tight fit. We always recommend you use Sig P320 factory magazines as the Raider is designed around those tolerances.

It does not work with 15 round magazines.

6. When will the Raider Holster be available?

The in house holster project has been delayed but we have found several different 3rd party Raider holsters to work great like the Gray Fox Strategic holster The old MP17 holster was not compatible with the Raider so we had to start from the ground up on a better holster that would work for both left and right handed shooters.

7. How do I get a notification for restocks on products?

We are now temporarily using a blind restock system as announced in August of 2022. We switched to this system due to demand and supply chain speed. Once once our output is higher, we will be able to announce restocks again. We do have a newsletter and social media pages (@fluxdefense on Instagram/Facebook) where we will send periodic updates.

You can signup for the newsletter on the homepage.

8. Are your products covered under warranty?

All of our products are covered under a lifetime transferable warranty, however modifying the Raider chassis in any way will void the lifetime warranty. Examples: (Including but not limited to) optic mount chop, removing manual safety notches to accommodate the M17/M18 FCU safety levers, and painting/cerakoting the frame. If you are having an issue with your item/s use this link to get the warranty process started. If your Raider is not working as intended due to any modifications, we have a rebuild service available here:

9. Is there a lead time?

Refer to the product page that you are interested in for lead times.

10. What is the ETA for the next restock?

We do not share ETA’s at this time.

Still have questions?

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The use of Glock® is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket conversion for Glock pistols and the makers of the Flux Brace are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Glock®, Inc.

The use of Sig Sauer® is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket conversion for Sig® pistols and the makers of the Flux Brace are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Sig Sauer®, Inc.


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