Raider X P320


NOT A FIREARM! The Raider X is a micro PDW, intended as an option between a handgun and a rifle. With the speed, maneuverability and concealability of a handgun combined with the capacity and stability of a carbine, it offers greater capability when a rifle is too large to have with you.

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Overall Dimensions: When collapsed 11″L x 6″H x 1.7″W. Extended length 18″.

Weight: 18 oz (chassis only), 40 oz (assembled)

Developed around feedback from special operations – the new Raider X is stronger, lighter and faster. There are over a dozen improvements to the design, enhancing durability, reliability, improving ergonomics and aftermarket compatibility, while keeping to the design that has been tested and approved for use in tier one units. Full list of improvements of the Raider X can be found below.

  • COMPATIBILITY LIST: Sig M17/18, Sig P320™ Family of pistols – all of them will function, but check below for part incompatibility. WARNING! To use the P320™ carry, compact, and subcompact, you must use a comp, threaded barrel, or suppressor – serious injury could occur due to the location of the muzzle.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE: Will not work with suppressor height iron sights, nor will it work with 15 rd magazines. Will not work with M17/18 manual safety, but the manual safety can easily be removed from the FCU and replaced with an inexpensive OEM SIG pin. We do not accept returns of Raiders that have been modified. Safety mechanism does NOT work with all aftermarket triggers (Agency Arms) or forward set trigger kits! The Raider safety will NOT work with most adjustable triggers.
  • NOT A FIREARM. The Raider X is a chassis designed for the P320/M17 family of pistols, and comes in braced and stocked versions. The brace version is neither designed nor intended to be shouldered. Stocks are available for those looking to form 1 their Sig P320 as an SBR.
  • NOTICE: All NFA and State rules apply. Please check federal and your local laws. Flux Defense does not offer legal advice.
  • We do not ship to states with assault pistol bans such as California, New York, Washington, Connecticut, or Massachusetts. This is to protect unaware customers from unwittingly becoming felons. We do not ship outside the United States.

The Raider X is a revamped version of the original Raider, with many enhancements, but keeping to the proven design. Using the feedback from SOF, our thousands of customers, and our own continued testing, we implemented every upgrade we could.

List of improvements on the Raider X:

1. Overtravel stop for magazines – Magazines can no longer be over-inserted.
2. Improved strength of frame – Mold is now single gate instead of dual to decrease chance of knit lines (weak points), making for a stronger frame.
3. Changed from pressed-in nut to molded in insert for the ejection spring bolt for improved reliability and durability.
4. Improved dimensions to increase reliability of the various systems.
5. Stronger primary mag catch spring for increased reliability and clearer division between mag releases on the dual mag release system.
6. Dual mag release now has better fencing.
7. Increased rail-lock spring force for improved reliability.

8. Improved ergos around the top of the grip, improving access to primary mag release and safety levers.
9. Front of frame changed to allow for optional extended rails, allowing for increased LOP.
10. Improved magwells for easier insertion.
11. Improved grip panel texture.
12. Improved finish for decreased light reflection.

13. Suppressor cutout enlarged and improved for use with shorter barrels.
14. Added pic slot on bottom picatinny rail for increased compatibility.
15. Added slot to optic rail, raised it by 1mm and changed the front and rear ends, all to ensure full compatibility with all optics.
16. Inside of slide channel under optic rail raised by 1mm for compatibility with adjustable iron sights.


Caution: Watch instruction video before installing. Read warnings before use.

Warning! Failure to ensure proper safety function with your trigger could lead to serious injury or death.

*Does not a include firearm, fire control group or slide. Does not include holster, lights, sling, red dots or other accessories pictured.

Note: Firearm manufacturer’s warranty may be voided by alterations to your firearm.

WARNING: Always wear proper eye an ear protection. As with any pistol, keep your hand away from muzzle at all times. Read all warnings and watch installation video before ever using product. All local, state and federal laws apply.

The use of Sig Sauer®, Sig P320™, M17 and other models is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket conversion for Sig pistols and the makers of this product are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Sig Sauer® Inc.

The built-in mag carrier is designed and intended only as a spare mag carrier, not as a vertical grip. There is no designed texture for gripping. Furthermore, it is specifically designed so you cannot wrap your thumb around it like a vertical grip. Flux Defense does not offer legal advice. It is your responsibility to comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 11 × 1.7 × 6 in

Black RH Brace, Black Flush Stock, Black +1.5inch Stock, Black +3inch Stock, Black LH Brace, FDE RH Brace, FDE Flush Stock, FDE +1.5inch Stock, FDE +3inch Stock, FDE LH Brace