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The F10 is a Top Charging Handle for P320 slides. It mounts in any SIG SAUER P320 slide (except the Max Edition that doesn’t have sight channels)- it even fits in the P365 sight channel.


  • 7075¬†Aluminum for light weight and consistent cycling of your slide
  • Integrated phosphorescent front¬†sight (aligns with the SIG #8 rear sight)
  • Low side profile
  • Ambidextrous design for¬†charging your slide with any hand,¬†object, ledge, etc
  • Made in USA

The F10¬†started out as what I thought was an¬†“off the wall” idea when doing the R&D for the side charging handle,¬†the RipStik. I mentioned to¬†Ben at the range, “what about a Mac10 top style charging handle?” he didn’t think twice and just said “I would have to try it..”¬†Once prototyped it just felt right! So the Mac10 style top charging handle here to stay.

While originally design for the Flux Raider this will fit any P320 slide with a front sight channel, B&T USW-320, or P365 (same sight channel size as P320), or just any P320 as this profile stays in the footprint of the slide it will assist in racking any SIG SAUER P320 slide.

Not Compatible with Grey Ghost Slides as their sight channel is not to SIG specifications.

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